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La Foire du Livre de Bruxelles


In 2015, we won a call for projects for the design of a set of campaign posters for the Foire du Livre de Bruxelles (Brussels book fair). The fair was at a turning point in its life; well-known from everybody, it had managed to reach only a certain niche audience and was now ready to open its doors to a wider and more diverse audience. First, through an actual democratisation : the entrance would become free. Then, through a younger and more accessible image. This was our mission.

Adventure inside was our concept and guiding line, promoting the fair through the promotion of reading itself. In our illustrations, the book works as a gate, a door, a curtain or a tent and symbolizes the reader’s experience. Something intriguing, captivating and joyful.

New variants of the three posters were used the next year, and have become the fair’s official visual identity.
This project was a collaboration between Aurore Caberghs and Codefrisko; the final drawings are by Cécilia Negri.